Victor Master Ace Badminton Feather Shuttlecock (BWF Approved)

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The Victor Master Ace Feather Shuttlecock is a BWF approved shuttle designed for durability, consistency, and speed.

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The Victor Master Ace Badminton Feather shuttlecock is Victor’s top-of-the-range shuttle and the official tournament shuttle of the Victor Korean Open – Badminton Super Series. Every single feather of the Victor Master Ace badminton feather shuttlecock is carefully chosen. Victor selects every feather from its shape, angle, curve, size, humidity, and completeness to ensure flight, stability, speed, and quality. It takes 97 days, 218-step processes, an inspection of 341 people, and the elimination of 31,984 feathers to complete a Victor Master Ace shuttle. In addition, the Victor Master Ace badminton feather shuttlecock is BWF approved for International Tournament Play and will suit any player’s needs. The Victor Master ACE is the top-of-the-line best Goose Feather bird from Victor. Built for durability, consistency, and speed, the Victor Master ACE is an extremely well-designed shuttle for high-level play. Vigorously tested, Master Ace is made to last through any play style.

About Victor: Victor is a manufacturer of high-quality badminton Racquets. They are made in China and are sold in over 60 countries worldwide. Victor’s range of Racquets is vast, with everything from entry-level to professional models. Victor’s entry-level Racquets are designed for the novice player and are available in different shapes and sizes. The Intermediate, Intermediate 2, and Intermediate 3 Racquets combine flexible and stiff shafts. The High-Performance Racquets are stiff and have thin shafts used for more advanced players. Victor’s Professional Racquets have thin shafts with relatively small head sizes. They also come with lightweight aluminium frames that are designed for maximum speed.


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