How to select a Badminton Racket?


In Badminton having a proper equipment is necessary. Proper Badminton equipments whether racket or shoes is must. Having proper racket according to your gamestyle can upgarde your game to a another level.

Sometime you may have go to purchase new racket so many problems comes like which racket is best for me. So, we God of Sports is here to help you to tell you which racket good for you to enhance your game .

Points to remember when you are going to purchase a badminton racket for you:

1. Balance Point or overall weight of Racket:


  • Head Heavy Racket:

A head heavy racket means the weight shift towards the head. Head Heavy racket will give you more power due to the momentum generated from heavier racket head.

  • Head Light Racket :

A Head Light balance means the weight shift less towards the head (towards the grip). A head light racket will give you more maneuverability, but less power.

For starter always go for Even-Balanced racket, rather than going for Head-Heavy or Head-Light racket. Once you know your type, you can always replace you racket according to your suitability.

2. Head Shape:

  • Isometric : An isometric rackets gives you a larger sweet spot, hence making it easier for you to hit a shot efficiently.
  • Oval: An oval headed racket has smaller sweet spot but if the sweet spot hit, it gives you a slightly more concentrated power.

An isometric racket is easier to play with compared to an oval racket, as it gives you a larger sweet spot. Nowadays 90% of rackets made of Isometric shape.

3. String Tension:

String tension refers to how tight the racket string is tied to the racket, and it’s measured in pounds (lbs) normally. The tighter you tie your string, the less bouncy your string becomes, which means less repulsion power will be generated from the string bed. However your shots will be more accurate and sharper.

4. Shaft Flexibility:

The stiffness of the racket shaft refers to how easily the shaft flexes (the flexibility). If you are a Beginner you want a shaft which is more flexible while Advance Player will benefit from one that is stiffer.

The stiff shaft provides more resistance and a faster snap back (recoil) when flexed, which won’t be a problem for an advanced player.

5. Racket Weight:

Selecting the weight for your badminton racquet depends upon your playing technique and skill of play. The weight and balance of the racquet changes when it is either strung or any extra grip is added.

In conclusion, a player has to choose the racket on the basis of these points. If you are confused to select the best racket for you, click on the link here. An expert will connect to you soon to guide you to the best racket for you.

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